Cody M Turner Photography Cody M Turner Photography


*Photo by Thomas Bullock*

Cody Turner is a commercial based photographer based in Toronto ON, working with clients worldwide.
He specializes in portrait, lifestyle, wedding and travel photography, and he has been expanding into film making with music videos and travel vlogs. 
Online, he seamlessly blends his content with daily positive vibes and helps clients tell compelling stories through vibrant and colourful photography.
Born to a family of 6 boys, Cody is the 5th born and lives in Toronto with his girlfriend and his dog Cayda.

Select Clients Include:

  • Yoga Design Lab
  • Ben Sherman
  • Support The Locals
  • Canada Pooch
  • Sweet Pants 1982
  • Pride Toronto
  • CO+CO
  • Blajk
  • Step On Magazine
  • Indochino
  • Fido Internet
  • Toronto Black Film Festival
  • CBC Marketplace
  • Hashtag Gallery
  • Urban Outfitters
  • Trend Hunter
  • Francesco Mugnai
  • Flickr Hive Mind